Table of Contents for Tales of the Talisman Volume 10, Issue 4

  • Final Journey
    Story by Stephen C. Ormsby
    Illustration by Morland Gonsoulin
  • The Last Gypsies
    Poem by Bruce Boston
  • Shady Moons
    Story by William R. D. Wood
    Illustration by Teresa Tunaley
  • A Brief History of Human Evolution
    Poem by Gary Every
  • The Day the Electricals Ended
    Story by K.S. Hardy
    Illustration by Tom Kelly
  • Willicicle
    Poem by Neal Wilgus
  • Chained Pearls
    Poem by W. C. Roberts
  • Good Samaritans
    Story by Mark Silcox
    Illustration by Teresa Tunaley
  • Aggression: Deleted Genome Project
    Poem by Lauren McBride
  • Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go
    Story by Mark Anthony Brennan
    Illustration by Tom Kelly
  • Dear Cthulhu
    Column by Patrick Thomas
  • Crows
    Story by Melinda Moore
    Illustration by Laura Givens
  • The Cursed Land of Dreams
    Poem by Livia Finucci
  • The Stones Next Door
    Story by Linda Maye Adams
    Illustration by Laura Givens
  • Passage Through a Shifting Past
    Poem by Nicolo Santilli
  • A Trivial Case of Haunting
    Story by Jeffery Scott Sims
    Illustration by Jag Lall
  • Ooze Blues
    Poem by Louise Webster
  • Just Another Indian Kid
    Story by David B. Riley
    Illustration by Neil T. Foster
  • Draystone's Secret Story by Simon Bleaken
    Illustration by Kathy Ferrell
  • Spinning the Threads
    Poem by K.S. Hardy
  • Finally Free
    Story by Frances Silversmith
    Illustration by Erika McGinnis
  • Night Life
    Poem by William Corner Clarke
  • Dreams of the Docent
    Story by Lee Clark Zumpe
    Illustration by Tom Kelly
  • Under the Cancer Tree
    Poem by Sandra Lindow
  • Angel Comfortings
    Story by Douglas Empringham
    Illustration by Paul Niemiec
  • Yellow, Orange, Red
    Poem by Alessio Zanelli
  • Bound
    Story by Timothy Bastek and Taylor Packer
    Illustration by Kathy Ferrell
  • Fried Okra
    Poem by Beth Cato
  • Metamorphos
    Story by Kathryn Yelinek
    Illustration by Teresa Tunaley
  • Echo Canyon
    Poem by Neal Wilgus
  • We Call Them the Gods
    Poem by Jason Sturner
  • The Sphinx & the Signet
    Story by Courtney Floyd
    Illustration by Paul Niemiec
  • Fairy Moon
    Poem by John Hayes
  • Talisman Book Reviews
    Reviews by Karissa B. Sluss, David Lee Summers,
    and Neal Wilgus
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