Table of Contents for Tales of the Talisman Volume 1, Issue 1

  • Stones of Straw
    by Neal Asher
    Illustrated by Tracy E. Flynn
  • Blissful Penguin Songs
    poem by Gary Every
  • All Wars are Old Wars
    by Mark Fewell
    Illustrated by Tom Kelly
  • Helen of Troy at Home in the Florida Everglades
    poem by Jean Hull Herman
  • Nightwraith
    by Donna Marie Robb
    Illustrated by Steve Gilberts

  • The Dragon's Return
    poem by Louise Webster
  • The Silver Monster
    by Vera Searles
    Illustrated by Laura Givens
  • Watchers
    vignette by Renee Roberson
  • Thirty Minutes or Less
    by W. Aaron Wilson
    Illustrated by Charli Seibert
  • Medusa in LA
    poem by Christina Sng
  • Where the Bluebells Grow
    by Cathy Buburuz
    Illustrated by Robert Nagy
  • The Draco Prophecy
    poem by Alessio Zanelli
  • A Feast of Coins
    by Douglas Empringham
    Illustrated by Laura Givens
  • Colonization
    poem by Sharon Fotta Anderson
  • Here Be Dragons
    by Leila Eadie
    Illustrated by Tom Kelly
  • All in the Mind
    poem by John Benson
  • Gingerbread
    by Holly Dyess
    Illustrated by Neil T. Foster
  • Time Travel
    poem by Pam Clements
  • While the Robot Slept
    by Dan L. Gray
    Illustrated by Billy Tackett
  • The Dream
    poem by David A. Crouch
  • Made for Each Other
    by Ken Goldman
    Illustrated by Erika McGinness
  • Genetic Inevitabilities
    poem by Jim Dunlap
  • Descent from Heaven
    by Paul Whyte
    Illustrated by Charli Seibert
  • Sedy, the Pioneer, and the Girl
    by J. D. Stottlemire
    Illustrated by Gin E. L. Fenton and Tracy E. Flynn
  • First Mission to Mars
    poem by Andy Miller
  • Mining the Moon
    poem by K. S. Hardy
  • Passing Through
    poem by Christina Sng
  • The Old Man in the Moon
    by G. O. Clark
    Illustrated by Erika McGinness
  • A Carpet of Butterflies
    by K. S. Hardy
    Illustrated by Gin E. L. Fenton
  • In the Shadows
    poem by Raven Drake
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